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Are back...

The last Saturday of Every Month! 

The latest party group is being reinvented and you can join in...

FULL details on FAB!

Join our beekepers (male hunks) &
Queen Bees 
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Professional Hostess Services 

Our team of professional hosts and hostesses include party planners, entertainers and can put together any theme for your adult event. 

Want us to host a Honeypot Party privately for you ormaybe you want an event, exlusively around your theme? 

Whatever you're thinking, we can make your perfect adult party, become a reality!


Established adult party planners and entertainers 

Not only do we have our own adult venue, we host parties at the Gatehouse, Bolton and at private venues across the UK. 

We have a wealth of experience in delivering the best parties including, drinks, food, planned themes, posters, promotion, compere, DJ with bespoke music/ packages to suit, party games and much more...

Bubbly,  glamourous and experienced hosts and hostesess 

Our head hostesses are owners of one of the most successfule adult and alternative lifestyle community clubs in the UK. 

Our parties are like no other and our hosts and hostesses really are the best in the business. Subscribe to our private galleries to see what we mean! 

All events tailored to your party needs!

Got the theme, want the party to be a success???


Well look no further as owners and professional adult party planners LovehoneyXXX & LetitiaXXX have got you covered. 

Whether it's putting your plan together, hosting at your venue or planning your ideal party - get in touch to see how we can make your party go with a bang!


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