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Episode Two of Swingbook - Discrimination in the Lifestyle

How one brave lady fought for her rights and championed change in her workplace

Our second episode of Swingbook was launched Sunday 10am on our Youtube Channel. 

Hosts myself and Dee talked openly and frankly to our brave guest Roo. 

Roo joined us at our location shoot at Jaydee’s Club in Bedfordshire as we discussed her experience.

Roo was working for an established employer and found herself in an awful social and professional situation. 

A colleague discovered her lifestyle choices and decided to ‘report’ Roo to her seniors. The situation was handled dreadfully and Roo experienced direct discrimination based on her lifestyle choices. 

This was a harrowing experience for Roo; resulting in her lifestyle being a widely spoken-about issue in her place of employment with abject misunderstanding at play. 

Roo bravely took this further. 

Watch the episode to find out what happened:

Read the full research article written by DoctorGoodGurl on behalf of Swingbook!

"How would you feel if your lifestyle choices impacted on your work? Should your employer be able to comment on your lifestyle choices? Is it any different to being part of the LQBTQIA community? These are just some of the topics we cover this week in SwingBook which you can find here.

"This week RooRoo and Kerry get into the nitty gritty of shame, stigma and assumptions based around the scene as a lifestyle choice and how it massively impacted on their career.

"Both intelligent, hardworking, capable women in the corporate world discuss their experiences of discrimination at the hands of ignorance about the scene and their lifestyle choices. They have chosen to be loud and proud and speak out against this discrimination, ‘get rid of the stigma’ and ‘challenge the unfairness’. This is a passion of ours at SwingBook so please get involved."

Credit: Written by: doctorgoodgurl & Published by SwingBook

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Swingbook are dedicated to providing a platform and a voice for those who wish to express or stand up for sexual freedom. Get in touch to get involved!

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