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Interview about our small club in Manchester - with Salford Now!

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

I was delighted to be asked by student journalist Jessica Eddington to do an interview about our club.

We discussed the lifestyle, the changing attitudes towards it, our partnership with Newcastle University and Swingathon and much more!

As en ex-journo myself, Jessica has done a fantastic job of asking the right questions to delve further and find the real answers people want and she covers many questions we genuinely get asked.

Well done Jessica on behalf of Salford Now, she has managed to produce a well crafted and edited account to highlight our community positively.

This in itself highlights attitudes are changing towards those in the AAL+ and LGBTQIA+ lifestyles being shown in the press as such.

Thank you to Salford Now for this opportunity and also thank you to Salford Council who have guided us on our journey to become a fully operational and understood small business in a growing lifestyle, based on sexual freedom. And furthermore having understanding based on those who have a need for safe spaces within marginalised communities.

Watch the video here:

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