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We're sponsoring Swingathon & Fetfest 2024!

Updated: Mar 4

Left to right: Matt, Stacie (Mrs. Swingathon) BabyK (lifestyle influencer) and Matt (Mr. Swingathon) at this year's Fet Awards.

I am delighted that for the third year running, Adam & Eve's Club are sponsoring the UK's largest and biggest growing festivals for the Adult Alternative Lifestyle!

The festival has doubled in size for 2024 to bring you the very first of its kind, Fetfest, a unique experience for those in the fet and kink lifestyles!

1 ticket

2 festivals

4 days

The Adam & Eve's Team are sponsoring the 2024 festival and also I will be hosting and DJing with the team from Red Ammunition Events (website coming soon), our new lifestyle events business.

Why am I so passoinate about the festival?

The festival enables people from all backgrounds in the AAL+ & LGBTQIA+ communitoes to come together to enjoy an outdoor experience like no other.

People from all over the UK come to join in adult fun with the safest of surroundings, knowing they will not be judged.

Swingathon holds a special place in my heart as it's at the 2023 festival, where I met my partner and he now helps me to run the club, when he spends his weekends in Manchester.

I was asked to be part of the promotions team and was honoured! Being able to contribute to the event of a lifetime for many in the lifestyle is very rewarding.

We are engaging industry lifestyle ambassadors, artists, advocates, club owners, guests and much more - similar people who wish to have the freedom to express themselves in an adult, safe and fully inclusive environment for all.

Also, Matt and Stacie the festival organisers are very dear friends of mine and to be able to help them in some way to bring an even bigger, better and bolder festival to fruition is my absolute pleasure.

So get your tickets now! Limited spaces.

10% off entry to either festival when you quote Adam10 at checkout

Did you know - there are sponsorship and vendor opportunties for both festivals1

Email: or for more information

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Feb 06

Where and when is the festival please?👍🏿

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