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We've been reviewed by Rosie Kay!

We are delighted to have been reviewed by the one and only Rosie Kay!

Rosie is an internet-sensation and non-monogamy and swinging lifestyle coach.

Rosie's mission is to 'banish the stigma about ethical non-monogamy and who the swingers are.'

With one of the most popular websites in the UK for the adult alternative and swinging lifestyle, a huge Youtube channel and not to mention, over 50k followers on Instagram, here is what Rosie had to say...


"The night celebrated 40 years of swinging at Adam and Eves and was open to all regular members, both couples and singles. The club has a 50-person capacity, and I could see why upon arrival. The club is pretty much verticle as it is horizontal and spread over four floors. With it being a special occasion, the dress code was masquerade/ dress to impress. The club is open seven days a week! And they host different themed nights for regular guests and newbies alike."


The club is located in Eccles, manchester. I took a train into Manchester Picadilly from Sheffield and then to Eccles. This second journey took me approximately 15 minutes. The club itself isn’t far from the station. Parking can be found opposite the club, and there is some parking on the main road outside. Uber is a popular choice in Manchester if you are taking a taxi.


Upon arrival, the staff greeted me at the door, and I was welcomed into their main entrance lobby. I was a little apprehensive about arriving as the street it is located on was very busy, and I did stick out a little in my black pencil skirt and stilettoes at 6 pm!

Did they have security?

Yes, they did, and this made me feel instantly reassured. Upon meeting the hosts, Tilly and Letitia, I immediately relaxed. After welcoming me into their club and giving me a good long hug, I was given a full tour. As a single woman, I knew I was in good hands.

To read the rest of the article and to subscribe to Rosie's exclusive content for the alternative adult and swinging lifestyle communities, click here!

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