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Adam & Eve's Club Reinvented are proud partners of the following adult alternative lifestyle venues, events and festivals.


We highly recommend our partners and testify to their likeminded ethos when it comes to excepional standards, safety, strict codes of conduct and the wellbeing of our community. 


ALL of our partners are champions of the CODE RED POLICY, enhancing safety in the adult lifestyle establishments in the North. 




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Proud sister club of Adam & Eve's Club Reinvented, with excellent facilities and hosts 

Highly recommend, especially for new couples, LGBTQAI+/ TV/CD guests 

Only 8 miles from our venue, New Gatehouse, Bolton is one of the friendliest adult alternative clubs in the North West of England.

Situated in a discreet location within Farnworth, just outside of Bolton, New Gatehouse are able to offer exceptional facilities as well as the discression you desire.


Providing a warm and friendly atmosphere that allows you to relax and socialise with other like-minded individuals. 

P.s. We throw some great events together, across both venues,


Check websites regularly for info!

We are proud to be part of the Swingathon Family


And us lot from Adam & Eve's are attending the whole festival in July 2023! 

A whole long, weekend of camping, entertainment, excellent facilities, parties by the campfire, DJs, tents, Food and drink stalls and much more makes the whole weekend one you will never forget,

Swingathon is an utterly amazing weekend like no other. Four days of being wild and free in a secret location in the beuatiful English countryside. 

Think! Creamfields meets Swinging!


Open to all who wish to experience an outdoor party like no other. Alternative lifestyle groups and those from our LGBTQAI communities are encouraged to visit,

Carry on swinging includes a series of events at exclusive venues across the UK, which share our strict code of conduct to ensure a better experience 

Highly recommend!

Carry on swinging holds a series of events across the UK for like-minded individuals and friends who wish to enjoy a safe and relaxed experience at different places. 

Check out the website to see updates!



Widely known as one of the safest and strictest clubs to visit in the North.


We are proud to recommend this venue.

Jo & partner started in the swinging world in 1999, they use to hold small parties in their home, which were very successful & a lot of fun, so they decided they wanted our work life to be part of their hobby; Sex, Fun & Rock n Roll!


So, from being a weekend hobby it became a business, what a very exciting move and they never looked back.

Quest was opened in November 2001 and offers safe facilities for all alternative lifestyle groups. 

like ours, Quest is popular for being family-orientated, with the strictest safety policies. 


Club Play.png


Widely known as one of the most lively, fun and best adult experiences in the North West.

We highly recommend Club Play!

With exceptional facilities and hosts right in the centre of Blackpool, Club Play is an excellent choice for those wishing to explore the adult alternative and swinging lifestyle,, especially for the first time, 

With karaoke, DJs, events, and wicked themed nights, club Play is a perfect venue if you find yourself near the Big One!

P.s. We throw some amazing events together!


Check out both websites for info or keep up to date with both club instagram channels!


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We believe in enhanced industry safety 

And it works!

Ourselves and our trusted partners have the same mindset when it comes to the adult alternative and LGBTQAI+ lifestyles. 

And that is... It is a lifestyle choice. And one we should always be safe in to live how we wish. 

Combining forces had resulted in enhanced safety across our networks and more!

We want our guests to feel safe, comfortable and relaxed, so we don't compete. We work together - to redefine the North overall as one of the most safest and welcoming regions in the UK for ur lifestyle choices.

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