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What to expect 

Your questions answered 


We aren't your average club - so we do things a little different, we pride ourselves on our strict door policy, safety standards and how we operate professionally. 

It gets busy for our staff, so we advise you read the following so you are aware of what to expect and what is expected of you in return. ​

Do I need ID? 

YES! If you are not a current registered member with us, then you will not be allowed entry - under any circumstances without valid ID (must be in date). This applies to all visitors. 

We will ONLY accept the following:


  • Passport

  • Driving licence

  • Proof of Age scheme cards with a PASS logo, like a Citizen Card

  • NHS or uniformed services card

  • Credit or debit card in date with photo ID, such as workers card

What are the age restrictions?

You must be over 21 to visit the club or to become a member

Who is allowed to come?

Anyone! We are open to all. We are proud of our diverse and alternative lifestyle services for like minded-adults. 

However, we have all types of people through our doors and we will not tolerate any type of unwanted behaviours towards our guests. If you aren't open minded, we suggest you refrain from visiting. 

Are single people allowed?

Yes! Of course. We have many single people who come in to meet others

What is the dress code?

Dress smart as we don't allow trackies, caps or trainers, we do accept workclothes as we understand people visit during their work breaks or on travel. 

General scruffy clothes won't get you in. 

Ladies can wear whatever they feel comfortable in and lingerie etc is alllowed. 

You are allowed to be fully clothed in all of the social areas. However, you are not permitted in the playrooms fully dressed. 

You are welcome to dress down at your leisure and are permitted to bring your own robes, towels or shorts. 

We don't provide towels on entry - although you can hire for £5.

Do you allow phones on premises?

Absolutely not!* You are requested to give your phone to the front-of-house staff with your valuables

What if I need to make a call or check my phone?

We have a designated area in reception where you can make or recieve a call/text etc.,

*Please note, any guest or member found using a phone on-site outside of the designated area will be barred indefinitely

Do you check bags? 

Yes! We reserve the right to check bags at any time. Any items found which breach our club rules  will be removed and you will be requested to leave instantly with an indefinite ban. 

*If any illegal items or substances are found, the authorities will be called immediately. 



What is your safety policy? 

We do not mess around when it comes to the safety of our staff, members and guests. 

We operate within the (North's Alternative Lifestyle Network) CODE RED POLICY which enhances the safety of all. 

Simply put... If you are barred from our club, you are barred from those within this network also,with immediate effect.


We will not tolerate anything less than the expectations as set out in this policy. Failure to adhere to this policy - will not only result in you being barred from our place, but the others too - to protect our wider community as a whole. 

All guests are requested to acknoweldge this policy upon entry. Posters are in reception. 




What do I do with my valuables?

Your valuables, including money, phones, keys etc are taken at reception and stored in our valuables lockers behind the main desk. This is monitored by CCTV at all times. 

Where do I get changed/store my clothes?

You are provided with a numbered locker & key. You keep the key with you until you leave.

How much is locker hire? 


Locker hire is free. However, we do charge £10 replacement fee on exit if you lose your key.

Do you provide towels?

You are welcome to bring your own, or a robe.

Towel hire is: £5 

Can you wear shoes or trainers?

NIn the social areas - yes! However all footwear needs to be removed in the playrooms, male or female.

Can you wear slippers?


Yes! Slippers or sandals are allowed (socks aren't) 



Do you have a sauna and jacuzzi??

Yes - we have a dedicated area The Garden of Eden. 


Strict rules apply

No liquids/drinks (apart from water)/food


No oils, creams, fake tan,body oils etc of any type whatsoever! You will be refused entry with these items and/or asked to leave if found with any



Do you have a licensed bar?

No. We have a BYOB (Bring your own Beer) policy. You are permitted to bring alcohol in - in a reasonable amount. 

You give it to the bar staff on entry and they will serve you during your visit. 

Can I bring my own soft drinks?

No. You must purchase soft drinks from us.  

If you become intoxicated whilst in premises,we reserve the right 



What happens to my data?

If you are a member, then your details are secured on a private VPM system saved to the cloud* details are on a secure and encrypted platform. 

If you are a guest, then your ID will be in our secure lockers behind the reception desk during your visit. Your details are taken for reference and for safety to all guests whilst you are on premises.

You will be required by our policy to show ID upon every visit if you are a non-member, regardless of how many times you come. 

We hold a full ICO licence and are GDPR compliant. 

Do you have CCTV?

Yes! Due to the nature of our club, CCTV is essential to keeping our guests, members and staff safe. 

Where is it? 

The CCTV is placed on the front of the building, in immediate reception and on the valuables section. There is no CCTV in any community and/or private room areas

What is the law around this and my personal data?


We are often asked what the regulations and laws are regarding CCTV 

Your safety is our priority and we operate within the legal confinements of CCTV Law and your data

While the 31 days retention period is recommended, following an incident, it may be necessary to keep footage for longer. If we have been made aware of an accident or incident, we reserve the right to copy any relevant CCTV footage onto a separate media format. This will be submitted to the relevant authorities should a request be raised. 


Having CCTV footage protects all as similarly helps to discredit any allegations. 

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