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We are very strict on who we let in to Adam & Eve's and don't allow any Tom, Dick or Harry to become part of our lifestyle and community. 

Most of our members know one another and we are a tight-knit community. We welcome all through our doors, and are proud of our lifestyle, club, members and friends. 

To join our network, we expect high standards and attitudes. Upon membership your details will be registered on our encrypted dataabase - this is not shared with anyone, but follows the code of our ICO licence.

Membership is one of either (depending on if guest meets club criteria)

Private introduction from another member

Full ID check and verification from head host or manager 

Interview with owner*

*Due to the nature of the business, you may be required to have an interview with the owner when requesting memberships. 

Membership benefits include: 

  • £10 off entry every visit!

  • Access to private party invitations

  • Discounts on sex toy partner stores 

  • Discounts on festivals 

  • Access to exclusive boat party events - hosted by owner LetitiaXXX 

  • Access to private telegram network for socials!

  • Your data is stored and you don't have to submit ID every visit*

*Non-members must show ID EVERY VISIT, regardless of how many times you come!


*We do allow people to enter without a membership**

**This is not guaranteed, we do have the right to refuse entry based on atitudes, undesirable clothes etc),

BUT you will be:

*Required to read our rules and club code of conduct back to us in clear English

Provide Government issued ID

*Our reception area is full CCTV 

It goes without saying, everyone is required to follow our DOOR POLICY AND CLUB RULES. We do not bend them for anyone, so don't bother asking!



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