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Swingbook is launched!

Updated: Mar 5

I am delighted to be a host and co-founder of the new Adult Alternative Lifestyle Chanel, Swingbook!

Along with Denise and Josh from ABitOfAMouthful, we bring you insights into the real swingers world!


After hosting an event together back in October 2023 (and a 3am conversation); all three came to the conclusion that a platform was needed dedicated to the lifestyle itself.

Numerous meetings later and reaching out to our vast combined networks for advice, we quickly realised Swingbook could be a reality.

We are delighted to have launched in March 2024 – six months later after research, planning, filming, editing and of course now delivering your favourite weekly content!

Swingbook brings you the real insights from the ‘swinging’ world and gives you the chance to tell your stories!

We are passionate about changing the misconceptions surrounding our communities and are here to support those who choose to live an adult alternative lifestyle, based on sexual freedom with no judgement.

Within this lifestyle comes a whole new wave of people, brave enough to be themselves and explore new adventures.

Swingbook aims to be not just your average lifestyle magazine, but a platform for freedom of choice and expression.

Most importantly, the opportunity to meet like-minded others in safe spaces.

We are working behind the scenes to engage with those in the lifestyle to support one another to continue to build our dynamic networks.

We at Swingbook believe sexual freedom is a choice and endeavour to bring to you the real stories behind the scene, whilst also reducing the stigma surrounding our lifestyle.

Want to get involved?

Get in touch!

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